Welcome to the Georgia Forestry Commission’s
“Small Landowner Program”

Designed for both Communities and Small Landowners

SLOchartGeorgia is home to more than 24 million acres of forestland, and today's forests are more abundant than at any time since the 1800's. This is a rich and renewable resource that is owned by more than 445,000 forest landowners, 75% of whom own fewer than 10 acres. These forests provide critical benefits for us all - from wood products and water quality improvement, to storm water mitigation, recreation and wildlife habitat.

While a variety of forest conservation and recognition programs exist, small landowners with 10 acres or fewer are often unaware of how to maximize the benefits of their woodlands. Likewise, community green space managers are seeking tools to help them develop activities that can make their woodlands sustainable.

Whether you are the manager of a community park, multiple acres, or just your own back yard, GFC wants to help you understand and manage the values and benefits these local woodlands provide and keep them sustainable. Through technical guidance presented in the online "Small Landowner Program," GFC supports small landowners who manage their woodlands for a myriad of goals and needs. The step-by-step guide provides educational materials, web links, technical guidelines and activities to help you customize your plan for sustainable goals you determine.

Click here to find a log-in page that allows access to GFC's proprietary Online Learning Center. A few clicks later, you'll have access to the "Small Landowner Program," and will be on your way to developing your own sustainable management plan.

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