Insects and Diseases

Insect pests and diseases often attack trees which are already under stress or weakened. Drought, improper planting and disturbance of the root system through digging, trenching, construction activity or addition of soil to the root area can make trees more susceptible to attack. First, find out why the tree is weak and then treat the primary cause of the stress.

Examine your tree regularly, looking for anything out of the ordinary: sap coming out of the bark, smaller leaves that are less green than usual, leaf spots, branch die-back in the canopy or leaves changing color early. Mushrooms at the base of a tree can sometimes indicate root rot and may warrant removal. Consult a Certified Arborist.

Always identify the pest or disease before applying sprays to control it. Some tree pests do not require control measures and some diseases have no practical control. A fungicide will never control an insect problem.

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