Nursery Stock - Tree Selection

The successful growth of a tree to maturity depends on the quality of the tree itself.

Do not choose a tree that has:

  • Had the central leader cut back (topped).
  • Damaged back or old wounds on the trunk or branches.
  • Been pot bound by a container, or has girdling roots. Remove the container and inspect the root system.
  • Been planted too deep in the container (trunk root flare should be obvious).
  • Too small a root ball for the diameter of the trunk. Root ball diameter should be 10 to 12 inches for every inch of trunk diameter measured at 6 inches above the soil.
  • Broken branches, diseased or discolored leaves or cracked bark.
  • Been marked down in price (seems like a bargain). Don't expect it to do well even if it is properly planted and maintained.

plant and maintain a tree that:

  • Meets the American Standards for Nursery Stock (ANSI) for landscape trees.
  • Is the correct species for the selected planting site.