Planting - Basic Installation

Community Tree Planting and Establishment Guidelines

  1. Ensure the spot you have chosen will allow for size expansion when the tree is mature.
  2. The tree planting area should be tilled to a depth of 6 to 8 inches (deeper if the soil is compacted) for an area 10 times the diameter of the root ball.
  3. Excavate a hole 3 times the diameter of the root ball and no deeper than the ball or the container. Leave the soil at the base of the hole compacted.
  4. Remove the container, cut girdling roots and place the tree in the hole. For Ball and Burlap (B&B) trees, remove all ties, strapping, wire basket and burlap. The top of the root ball should rest no more than one inch above the existing soil line for every 10 inches of root ball depth and never lower than the existing soil line. (A 15 inch deep root ball should rest 1.5 inches above the existing soil line.)
  5. Backfill the hole with the uncompacted, native soil. Lightly pack the soil and water as you go to eliminate any air pockets. Construct a mulch ring at the outer edge of the planting hole.
  6. Stake the tree if wind throw is a significant issue and allow for at least 3 inches slack in the tie wires. Never allow bare wires to contact bark. Remove all stakes, wires, hoses and ties after the first growing season.