Code of Ethics for Prescribed Burners

  1. Get trained.
  2. Be "Certified" in your state.
  3. Prepare and follow your burn plan.
  4. Always obtain proper burn authorization.
  5. Know and follow burn laws and regulations in Georgia.
  6. Be a good neighbor. Notify adjoining landowners before you burn.
  7. Practice good smoke management from ignition until the fire is out.
  8. Minimize public impact. Self-regulate or someone else will do it for you.
  9. Maintain a reasonable margin of safety. Always be conservative.
  10. Never take short-cuts in planning or in execution.
  11. Maintain situational awareness; never fail to act appropriately to the level of threat.
  12. Do not fail to act when called for.
  13. The public deserves the highest degree of professionalism from you with minimal impact to their daily routines. Nurture that trust because our right to burn is a privilege.
  14. Remember, it is not how much you burn today; it is how SAFE you burn today.

The Georgia Forestry Commission and The Georgia Prescribed Fire Council.