Cogongrass and Invasive Species Eradication

Cogongrass, Imperata cylindrica (L.), is considered the 7th worst weed in the world and has taken over the vast ecosystems in southern Alabama and Missisippi as well as Florida. The number of known sites is now over 250 in 29 Georgia counties. This project will expand current cogongrass and invasive species education, detection, and eradication efforts. Payments will be available to landowners for treatments within forested areas. The removal of cogongrass and other invasive plants will allow native flora and ecosystems to recapture the site. GFC professional foresters will work with private landowners.

Project Manager

James Johnson, GFC Forest Health Coordinator
1055 East Whitehall Rd
Athens GA 30605
ATTN: Recovery/Cogongrass

Project Information

GFC Project #: 1G239

Federal ID #: 09-DG-11084419-040

Funds Amount: $1,795,000

Funds Allocation

  • Matrix
    Georgia Private Landowners
    $850,000 for landowners to hire contractors to treat private lands ($10,000 maximum per landowner)
    Georgia Forestry Commission
    $460,000 to hire 1 grant manager and 6 forest technicians to survey and treat GFC state lands
    Georgia Department of Natural Resources Parks
    $250,000 for sub-grant funding to treat state park lands
    University of Georgia
    $235,000 for sub-grant funding to survey and treat UGA state lands, and for education and outreach

Qualifications and Application Information

Federal Program Funding Source

10.688 ARRA Wildland Fire Management
Cogongrass Eradication
USDA Forest Service Southern Region
1720 Peachtree Road NW Ste 876s
Atlanta GA 30309
Phone: 404.347.4569