Frequently Asked Questions - ARRA

General Questions

I am a herbicide applicator vendor. How do I find out what job opportunities may exist for me to bid on?

Assuming you are a commercial pesticide applicator with a current license in Georgia, our procedure is to add you to our vendor's list and our professionals throughout the state refer landowners seeking herbicide applicators to this listing. The Georgia Forestry Commission will also be accepting bids for specific applications on our lands and the vendor's list is the primary list whom we contact.

Enhanced Fuels Management Project

How much funding is available for landowner incentive reimbursement?

$2,279,000.00. Landowners must be prepared to cover all costs up front and then submit invoices and all requested documents for reimbursement. Pre-determined reimbursement rates are based on 75 to 100 percent of individual practice costs within the Lower Coastal Plain Region. Specific rates will be indentified in the landowner contract agreement. Reimbursements will not be made for work already completed. Upon receiving the request for reimbursement, a forester or technician will visit the property & conduct a performance evaluation. Reimbursement payments will be processed and mailed 4-6 weeks following the performance evaluation.

Who may apply & what lands are eligible?

All forest landowners (private, industry, corporate, and others) who own at least 10 continuous acres. Eligible lands include all acreages within one-mile of the Okefenokee Swamp's Edge Break.

What is the application period?

The primary/active application period will begin on August 10th 2009 and end on September 1st 2009. Applications received during this period will be given first priority. If all first round applications are awarded and funding remains, a continual application period will begin on September 2nd 2009. During the continual application process we will fund applications on a "first-come first-serve" basis until all funding is exhausted or the program expires.

What practices are eligible for reimbursement?

Practices outlined in the Greater Okefenokee Forest Management Options: A Forest Planning Manual for Wildfire Mitigation publication which includes prescribed burning, pre-suppression firebreak installation, site preparation & establishment of Longleaf Pine, alternative tree spacing & row orientation, forestry mowing, herbicide application, agriculture conversion, silvopasture development, pre-commercial thinning, commercial thinning, existing helicopter dip-site maintenance, helicopter dip-site construction, wetland restoration, creation of forest/wildlife openings, and creation/maintenance of established staging areas or safety zones.

Can I complete the practices/work myself and submit for reimbursement?

No. The goal of the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act is to create jobs and stimulate the economy. Landowners must hire Georgia based contractors/vendors to complete practices to be eligible for reimbursement. This means that an officially recognized work address for a person or business must be within the State of Georgia. A company could be incorporated elsewhere but have an operational office located in Georgia and still qualify. Work completed by individual landowners or their own companies are not eligible for reimbursement.

What type of reporting is required?

Landowners participating in this program will be responsible for reporting the number of workers & hours used by each vendor to perform each practice (this would include all workers and supervisors who worked on the property). Landowners will also submit legible copies of bills, receipts, & other cost documentation associated with each practice.

GA Stewardship Project

How will Stewardship landowners be contacted?

Hired Dispatchers will contact stewardship landowners and set up site visits with the landowners who are willing to participate. Interested Stewardship landowners may also call the Georgia Forestry Commission to request a forester visit.

What will the forester visit include?

The Foresters will review the status of the landowners active Stewardship Plan. The Forester will review the plan and evaluate the possibility of completing a Stewardship certification for the property. If the property does not certify, the Forester will make recommendations to put the property on a path to certification.

The Forester will also introduce the landowner to the Tree Farm program and emphasize the importance of registering their forest for green lumber production.

The forester will also write a prescription for a control burn to be completed on one of the landowner's forested tracts.

What is involved in completing the prescribed burn?

The Forester or the GFC Forest Ranger will complete a prescribe burn plan and have the landowner sign a burn agreement. The GFC local county unit will work with the Forester technician to schedule and plan a burning operation according to the prescription. The burns will be conducted in conjunction with the efforts of the state Smoke Manger.