Regional Longleaf Pine Restoration Initiative and Fuel Reduction

This grant is part of a regional project involving the states of Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Longleaf pine forests once were the most dominant forest type of the coastal plain, but have been reduced to three percent of historical acreage due to conversion to other land uses and forest types. Longleaf pine forests are highly valued for their resistance to damage by insects, diseases, wildfire, and storms, and for their yield of high quality wood products, biological diversity, and scenic beauty.

Work under this grant will occur within activity categories established for guiding the regional program. The categories are: Public Lands Management; Private Lands Management; Plant Materials Capacity; Planning, and Education and Outreach. In Georgia the categories will receive the following funding:

Public Lands Management
To increase the acreage and improve the condition of longleaf pine forests on state or locally owned public lands.
Private Lands Management
To restore and manage longleaf pine on privately owned forest lands.
Plant Materials Capacity
To increase the availability of longleaf pine seed, seedlings, and associated understory plant materials for restoration work.
To ensure project activities are implemented strategically and are integrated with efforts of other longleaf restoration partners.
Education and Outreach
To educate the public and project staff about the values, opportunities, and methods of longleaf pine restoration.

Project Manager

John Latham
P. O. Box 819
Macon GA 31202
ATTN: Recovery/Longleaf

Project Information

GFC Project #: 1G249

Federal ID #: 09-DG-11084419-042

Funds Amount: $1,742,000

Funds Allocation

  • Matrix
    Georgia Landowners
    $635,515 to establish longleaf pine on non-industrial forest lands
    Georgia Department of Natural Resources (GADNR)
    $544,250 to establish longleaf pine on GADNR lands
    Georgia Forestry Commission
    $306,250 to establish longleaf pine on GFC lands; $150,485 for planning; $36,000 for plant materials capacity
    University of Georgia College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (CAES)
    $49,500 to establish longleaf pine on CAES lands
    Longleaf Alliance and Georgia Forestry Commission
    $20,000 to provide longleaf management training to consulting foresters and two workshops for landowners on longleaf ecosystem management

Qualification and Application Information

Federal Program Funding Source

10.688 ARRA Wildland Fire Management
Regional Longleaf Pine Restoration Initiative and Fuel Reduction
USDA Forest Service Southern Region
1720 Peachtree Road NW Ste 876s
Atlanta GA 30309
Phone: 404.347.4569