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storm damage

Catastrophic weather and fire events can change the complexion of our forests in minutes. In the aftermath we may find ourselves evaluating the resource and searching for information about options. The following listings are intended to provide forest landowners with resources that can help with education and decisions following fires or storms and the damage the leave behind. All of this information can be printed on this publication.

Hurricane Michael

Homeowners who sustained damage to yard trees, click here

Department of Revenue's Timber Tax Credit Program (DOR press release)

Map of 28 counties declared under State of Emergency EO (11/15/2018)

Forest Debris Management Program (hurricane relief package) (01/11/19)

Forest Access Road and Firebreak Restoration Program (hurricane relief package) (1/15/19)

HB 1EX - provides emergency disaster relief assistance for cleanup efforts for timberland owners, as well as emergency funding for state agencies and local governments in heaviest-impacted areas.

HB 4EX - creates a tax credit for timber growers in the 28 counties included in the disaster area who incurred significant damgaes and expenses due to Hurricane Michael.

Georgia Forestry Association's blog about the outcomes of Georgia's special legislative session, including both bills above.

Resources Available for Storm-Impacted Forest Landowners (press release)

Hurricane Michael Timber Impact Assessment (revised 10/29/18)

FEMA Disaster Declaration Map (updated 11/01/18)

Video footage of Forest Landowner Colquitt Meeting, 01/23/19 (broken into three sections)

Video footage of Forest Landowner Bainbridge Meeting, 10/25/18 (broken into five sections)

Upcoming meetings:


Timberland wind/ice damage:

Storm Damage: Information for Landowners

How to Evaluate and Manage Storm Damaged Forest Areas

Disaster Resource Center

Disaster Assistance - Federal Programs


Urban and hazard tree safety:

Excellent site for storm damage, with an urban forest angle:



National Timber Tax website (Master Index has good list of subject areas)


Timber Sales:

General timber sales information

Selling Storm Damaged Timber


Other Resources