Consultants - Information Survey Form
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Credentials Association of Consulting Foresters Member
SAF Certified Forester
Certified Real Estate Appraiser
Registered Forester
Registered Land Surveyor
Society of American Foresters Member
Certified Prescribed Burner
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Service Areas District 1 (Coosa)      District 2 (Flint)      District 3 (Oconee)     
District 4 (Chattahoochee)      District 5 (Satilla)      District 6 (Ogeechee)     
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Service Provided S01 . Cruising
S02 . Damage and Trespass Appraisals
S03 . Forest Litigation
S04 . Forest Management Plan
S05 . Forest Stewardship Plans
S06 . Resource Investigation and Economic Studies
S07 . Investment Counseling
S08 . Land Acquisition
S09 . Wildlife Management
S10 . Recreational Land Development
S11 . Real Estate Brokerage
S12 . Taxes
S13 . Timber Loans
S14 . Forest Products Marking
S15 . Forest Product Sales
S16A . Environmental Services: Impact Studies
S16B . Environmental Services: Wetlands & Permitting
S16C . Environmental Services: Endangered Species
S16D . Environmental Services: Water Quality
S17A . Vendor Services: Prescibed Burning
     Provide Personally      Sub-Contract
S17B . Vendor Services: Mechanical Site Prep.
     Provide Personally      Sub-Contract
S17C . Vendor Serivces: Herbaceous Chemical Control
     Provide Personally      Sub-Contract
S17D . Vendor Services: Woody Chemical Control
     Provide Personally      Sub-Contract
S17E . Vendor Services: Tree Planting
     Provide Personally      Sub-Contract
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