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Name of Event Keep Liberty Beautiful Arbor Day
Date of Event 2/16/2018
Start Time of Event 9:00 AM
End Date of Event 2/17/2018
End Time of Event 12:00 PM
State Georgia
County (if in Georgia) Liberty  
City Midway, Walthourville 
Location various locations 
Location Street Address  
Is it a GFC Event? No  
Is it a Free Event? Yes
Is Registration required? No
Registration Deadline NA
Contact Person Name  
Contact Email  
Contact Phone  
Website http://keeplibertybeautiful.org/georgia-arbor-day.html  
Google Map URL Google Map Link
Comments Awareness Activities and Tree Giveaways are held in February on the third Friday and Saturday (February 16, 2018) to celebrate Georgia Arbor Day (which is the third Friday each year). This campaign emphasizes the importance of trees. We give away over 150 trees and information on planting and growing trees to area citizens. Trees are cool and they help keep our community cool and healthy!

Six things you should know when planting a tree:
1. Call Before You Dig- Several days before planting, call the national 811 hotline to have underground utilities located
2. Handle with Care- Always lift tree by the root ball. Keep roots moist until planting.
3. Digging a Proper Hole- Dig 2-5 times wider than the diameter of the root ball with sloping sides to allow for proper root growth.
4. Planting Depth- The trunk flare should sit slightly above ground level and the top most roots should be buried 1-2 inches.
5. Filling the Hole- Backfill with native soil unless it’s all clay. Tamp to soil gently to fill large air spaces.
6. Mulch- Allow 1-2 inch clearance between the trunk and the mulch. Mulch should be 2-3 inches deep