Georgia Forestry Commission Research Papers (GFCRP)

Eighty-eight applied research topics dating from 1979 to 1992.

These publications average 10 MB and some are as large as 30 MB.

A Seed Orchard for Rust Resistant Pines - Progress and Promise
GFRP01 - 1979
Advantages of Improved Forest Management, Investments for the Timberland Owner
GFRP02 - 1979
Seed Collection from Loblolly Pine
GFRP03 - 1979
Whole Tree Chipping
GFRP04 - 1979
Sand Pine in Georgia
GFRP05 - 1979
Silvicultural Guidelines for Forest Owners in Georgia
GFRP06 - 1979
A Test of Prediction Equations for Estimating Hardwood Understory
GFRP07 - 1979
Wood as a Household Energy Source in Georgia
GFRP08 - 1980
Annual Contribution of Timber, Wildlife, Water and Outdoor Recreation to Georgia's Economy
GFRP09 - 1980
Treatment and Utilization of Wood Salvaged from Dutch Elm Diseased Trees
GFRP10 - 1980
Estimating Quantities of Windrowed Forest Residues
GFRP11 - 1980
Forest Investment by Non-Industrial, Private Landowners in Georgia
GFRP12 - 1980
Industrial Wood Combustion Systems
GFRP13 - 1980
Cruising Procedures for Estimating Total Stand Biomass
GFRP14 - 1981
Control of the Black Turpentine Beetle
GFRP15 - 1981
The Firewood Industry in Georgia, A Study of Its Characteristics and Needs
GFRP16 - 1981
Energy Wood Harvesting, A Study of Promises and Pitfalls
GFRP17 - 1981
Weight Loss of Summer, Stored Sweetgum, Yellow-Poplar, Red Oak, and Loblolly Pine Saw Logs
GFRP18 - 1981
Green Weight, Volume, Board-Foot, and Cord Tables for the Major Southern Pine Species
GFRP19 - 1981
Plastic Apron, Gutter Will Improve Gum Grades for Naval Stores Producers
GFRP20 - 1981
TBCP, A Computer Program that Estimates:Total Tree Chips, Saw Logs, Pulpwood, Firewood
GFRP21 - 1981
Total Tree and Firewood Weights and Volumes of Scrub Oaks in the Georgia Sandhills
GFRP22 - 1981
Southern Beaver Control
GFRP23 - 1981
Organic Matter Maintenance in Forest Nurseries
GFRP24 - 1981
Creosote Production From Beetle Infested Timber
GFRP25 - 1982
The Pulp and Paper Industry and Georgia's Forest Resource: An Economic Outlook
GFRP26 - 1982
The Economic Importance of Georgia's Forest Industry
GFRP27 - 1982
Inventory - Monitoring System for Southern Pine Seed Orchards
GFRP28 - 1982
Wood - A Growing Home Energy Source in Georgia
GFRP29 - 1982
Prescribed Burning and Oak Advance Regeneration in the Southern Appalachians
GFRP30 - 1982
Total Tree and Major Component Green Weight of White Pine and Hemlock in North Georgia
GFRP31 - 1982
Ad Volorem Tax Posture on Forest Lands in Georgia, 1980
GFRP32 - 1982
Total Tree Weight Tables for Mockernut Hickory and White Ash in North Georgia
GFRP33 - 1982
Woody Biomass Harvesting and Site Productivity - Ongoing Research in Georgia & Adjacent States
GFRP34 - 1982
Ips Engraver Beetles: Identification, Biology, and Control
GFRP35 - 1982
A Survey of Forest Practice Vendors and Services in Georgia
GFRP36 - 1982
Georgia's Seed Orchard Trees - A Report on the First-Generation Selections
GFRP37 - 1982
Sicklepod control with Toxaphene in Loblolly Pine Nurseries
GFRP38 - 1982
Total-Tree Green Weights of Sapling-Size Pines in Georgia
GFRP39 - 1982
Use of Effective Herbicide Treatments for Artificial Regeneration of Longleaf Pine
GFRP40 - 1982
Pine Regeneration Following Fuel Chip Utilization of Mixed Hardwood-Pine
GFRP41 - 1983
Total Tree and Product Weight of Beetle-Killed Loblolly Pines in Northeast Georgia
GFRP42 - 1983
The Expanding Timber Demand and Landowner Attitudes Toward Forestry Investment
GFRP43 - 1983
How To Time Dimethoate Sprays Against the Nantucket Pine Tip Moth
GFRP44 - 1983
The Energy Use of Wood in GeorgiaOctober 1983
GFRP45 - 1983
Weather Conditions Associated With Understory Prescribed Burning in South Georgia
GFRP46 - 1983
Nutrient Removal Under Whole - Tree Utilization for Fuel Chips
GFRP47 - 1983
Estimation of Tree Preservation Costs on Urban Residential Lots in Metropolitan Atlanta
GFRP48 - 1984
Prescribed Burning with Spot Fires in the Georgia Coastal Plain
GFRP49 - 1984
The Application of the Forestry Weather Interpretations Systems (FWIS) to Forest Management Problems in Georgia
GFRP50 - 1984
Pine Plantation Thinning Practices
GFRP51 - 1984
International Markets and the Development of Georgia's Forest Economy
GFRP52 - 1984
Chainsaw and Shear Cutting of Upland Hardwoods - Impact on Regeneration
GFRP53 - 1984
Soil Disturbance in Mountain Hardwood Stands From Fuelwood Harvests with Conventional Ground Systems and a Cable Miniyarder
GFRP54 - 1984
Yields, Stand Structure and Economic Conclusions - Based on a 22-year-old Site Preparation Study with Planted Loblolly and Longleaf Pines
GFRP55 - 1985
The Economic Management of Southern Pine Assisted by the Personal Computer
GFRP56 - 1985
The Pattern of Ownership and Control of Georgia's Forest Resource
GFRP57 - 1985
Hardwood Fuelwood in North Georgia: Resources, Utilization, and Harvesting
GFRP58 - 1985
Impact of Competing Vegetation on Yield of the Southern Pines
GFRP59 - 1985
Total-Tree Weight, Stem Weight, and Volume Tables for Hardwood Species in the Southeast
GFRP60 - 1986
Density of Selected Wood Fuels
GFRP61 - 1986
Forest Floor and Soil Nutrient Conditions in the Georgia Sandhills
GFRP62 - 1986
Transpirational Drying of Piedmont Hardwoods
GFRP63 - 1986
Analyzing Historical and Regional Stumpage Price Trends in Georgia
GFRP64 - 1986
Herbicide Tests for Kudzu Eradication
GFRP65 - 1986
Recent Trends in the Consumption of Wood for Home Energy in Georgia
GFRP66 - 1986
A Survey of Georgia Users of Wood for Energy
GFRP67 - 1987
Effects of Potassium Fertilization in the Nursery on Survival and Growth of Pine Seedlings in the Plantation
GFRP68 - 1987
Use of General Weather and Dispersion Index to Minimize the Impact of Smoke on Highway Visibility
GFRP69 - 1987
Nursery Seedling Quality Affects Growth and Survival in Outplantings
GFRP70 - 1987
Development and Evaluation of Low-cost Systems for Artificial Regeneration of Pines
GFRP71 - 1987
Ignition Patterns & Prescribed Fire Behavior in Southern Pine Stands
GFRP72 - 1987
Pre-harvest Estimation of Logging Residues in Middle Georgia
GFRP73 - 1987
Rust Resistant Loblolly Pines - A Comparison of Seed Sources
GFRP74 - 1988
Georgia's Future Timber Supply - An Economic Outlook
GFRP75 - 1988
Effects of Site Preparation and Release on the Survival and Growth of Planted Bare-root and Container-grown Longleaf Pine
GFRP76 - 1988
Comparison of Nutrient Losses by Harvesting and Site Preparation Practices in the Georgia Piedmont and Coastal Plain
GFRP77 - 1989
Volume, Weight and Yield Tables for Slash Pine Plantations in the Southeastern Coastal Plain
GFRP78 - 1990
Tables for Estimating Total-tree Weights, Stem Weights, and Volumes of Planted and Natural Southern Pines in the Southeast
GFRP79 - 1990
Effects of Competing Vegetation Levels on Soil Moisture and Early Loblolly Pine Survival and Growth
GFRP80 - 1990
Survival and Growth Responses of Loblolly Pine to a Range of Competition Control
GFRP81 - 1990
Pine Seedling Mortality in Conservation Reserve Plantings in Georgia
GFRP82 - 1990
Efficacy of Three Injected Chemical Systems for Control of the Southern Pine Beetle
GFRP83 - 1990
Effects of Sulfometuron and Imazapyr Combinations on Johnsongrass for Pine Establishment on Old Fields
GFRP84 - 1991
Influence of Planting Density, Intensive Culture, Geographic Location, and Species on Juvenile Wood Formation in Southern Pine
GFRP85 - 1991
Estimating the Costs of Water Quality Protection on Private Forest Lands in Georgia
GFRP86 - 1991
Occurrence and Seasonal Activity of Pine Tip Moths in Georgia
GFRP87 - 1992
Silvicultural Guidelines for Pinestraw Management in the Southeastern United States
GFRP88 - 1992