Program Overview
The Georgia Sentinel Landscape Prescribed Fire Initiative is focused on helping landowners utilize prescribed fire as a land management tool to manage and maintain healthy forestlands.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicant must be the legal landowner;
  • Only private forestlands are eligible for funding;
  • Property must be located within a target county of the Georgia Sentinel Landscape (see map)
  • Landowner must be able to implement a prescribed burn or hire someone who can.

General Guidelines

  • Must prescribed burn a minimum of 25 acres;
  • Applications are accepted year-round;
  • Practice cost-share rates:
    • $15/acre for prescribed burning
    • $0.15/ft for firebreaks
  • Available for the 2021 spring/summer burn season;
  • No duplicative funding for these practices;
  • Prescribed burning must be conducted legally by securing a burn permit and following all local ordinances;
  • Landowner must allow Georgia Sentinel Landscape Pilot Project Coordinator access to the burn unit for application ranking criteria verification, prescribed burn progress, and mapping;
  • Funded landowners must have the practices completed by September 30, 2021;
  • To apply, please contact Susan French, Georgia Sentinel Landscape Pilot Project Coordinator, at (813) 391-4476 or