Program Overview
GFC has received a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) to implement a landscape level project in 19 counties in southern Georgia. Eligible counties include Appling, Bryan, Camden, Chatham, Decatur, Evans, Glynn, Grady, Liberty, Long, Macon, Marion, McIntosh, Mitchell, Talbot, Tattnall, Taylor, Toombs and Wayne. Sites that were previously in longleaf pine or high priority sites that contain wiregrass, gopher tortoise/indigo snake will receive priority for this program.

Signup Period
The signup period will be October 12-23. To apply, complete a South Georgia Longleaf Seedling Program application, which can be found at or by taking a picture of the QR code below. The list of applicants will be compiled and randomly selected if necessary.

Approved Applicants
Approved applicants will be required to submit invoices for all site prep activity completed to prepare the site for planting. Approved landowners will be reimbursed for the cost of bare root or container longleaf pine seedlings based on the number of seedlings. The maximum reimbursement per landowner will not exceed $5,000.00 or 100% of actual cost. All reimbursements will be based off of seedling invoices that must be provided by landowner.

A GFC Forester will visit the site after planting to verify that the number of seedlings planted matches the provided invoice. Randomly located 1/50th acre survey plots will be measured throughout the planted area to determine an average number of seedlings planted per acre. Sites not properly planted will be denied approval for reimbursement payment.

General Guidelines

  • The planting area must be a minimum of 10 acres;
  • Prior longleaf or high priority sites will receive higher priority (as mentioned above);
  • Bare root or container longleaf pine seedlings must be planted;
  • Must have reforestation plan written by registered forester or a graduate forester working under a registered forester and plan must be followed;
  • Landowner must provide all appropriate invoices to GFC prior to payment;
  • Can go towards cost share program participants but will receive lower priority;
  • Site must be ready for planting during the 2020-2021 planting season;
  • Planting density must be between 454 – 605 seedlings per acre;
  • The applicant must agree to conduct a prescribed burn within 3 years of longleaf establishment.