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Burn Permitting Resumes in More Storm-Struck GA Counties

Burn permitting is resuming in all but six of 108 GA counties that were declared disaster areas following Hurricane Michael. Burn permits issued by GFC in the remaining 11 counties are effective as of 12pm on Wednesday, October 17. Conditions have improved enough to resume issuing permits for all types of burning, except in Decatur, Seminole, Miller, Early, Mitchell and Baker counties. To aid in cleanup, the burning of hand piled natural vegetation will be permitted in those six counties with proper notification of intent to burn to GFC.

Burn Permitting Resumes in Most Storm-Struck GA Counties

GFC has resumed issuing burning permits in all but 17 GA counties hit hard by Hurricane Michael. The 17 counties in which burn permitting is still suspended are: Baker, Calhoun, Clay, Colquitt, Crisp, Decatur, Dougherty, Early, Grady, Lee, Miller, Mitchell, Randolph, Seminole, Terrell, Thomas and Worth.

Burn Permits Temporarily Suspended in Disaster Zone Counties

GFC has temporarily stopped issuing burn permits in 108 Georgia counties under the #HurricaneMichael state of emergency declaration.

Fall Foliage Reports Set to Begin

Georgia's colorful leaf season is beginning, and so are weekly foliage reports from GFC. Having foresters and rangers in every North Georgia county enables us to provide timely updates that include information about color changes, tree species and recommended scenic drives at and on social media.

Enhanced Weather Tool Boosts Fire Safety

To better serve customers, GFC is transitioning to National Weather Service (NWS) fire weather forecasts on October 1. The two agencies have long been partners in fire weather forecasting, and this shift will provide the highest level of technical features for continuity across the state and even the nation.

EPD's Summer Burn Ban Ending

Outdoor burning will again be permitted beginning October 1 in 54 Georgia counties where restrictions have been in place since May. The Georgia Environmental Protection Division issues the burn ban annually to help reduce emissions from ground level ozone that may jeopardize air quality, mostly in north Georgia. Burn permits issued by GFC are required for any outdoor burning in the state to help prevent wildfires and problems generated by smoke.

GFC Discontinues Fuel Reduction Program

GFC is discontinuing its mechanical fuel reduction and mastication program. Effective immediately, referrals for service will be made to private vendors and contractors.

Timber Sale Warning Issued for Georgia Forestland Owners

GFC is alerting area landowners about a possible timber buying scam in the east-central Georgia area. According to GFC Law Enforcement investigators, an individual claiming to be a timber buyer has been contacting landowners by unsolicited mail, and may attempt to swindle them when meeting in person.

Temporary Change for Automated Burn Permits

Due to a temporary outage of our automatic telephone burn permit system, citizens seeking permission to burn yard debris are asked to use our online portal. Effective immediately, requests for permits to burn hand piled natural vegetation should be entered on this website. This request will be in effect for at least two weeks.

Palmetto Berry Harvest Garners Attention

Legal harvesting of saw palmetto berries is scheduled to begin shortly at the Dixon Memorial State Forest in Ware County near Waycross. A contractor has been hired to collect berries on the 35,000 acre site, where theft has been a problem in recent years.

Georgia Forestry Commission Sends Resources to Western Fires

GFC is helping wildland firefighters in five western states where fires have consumed more than 100,000 acres. More than a dozen GFC professionals are currently serving in Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Wyoming.

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Five-Year Plan for Georgia's Urban and Community Forests 2018 - 2022
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Emerald Ash Borer Statewide Quarantine Announced
GFC and the GA Department of Agriculture have implemented a statewide quarantine for ash wood products.

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