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EPD's Summer Burn Ban Lifting

The summer ban on outdoor burning will end Saturday, September 30 in 54 Georgia counties, primarily in the northern half of the state.


Georgia Forestry Commission Launches Pre-Irma Safety Plans

GFC is taking steps to protect the safety of citizens in advance of incoming weather associated with Hurricane Irma. Effective Saturday, September 9, permits for all types of open burning will be suspended. Conditions will be re-evaluated on Monday, September 11.


Deal Announces Director for the Georgia Forestry Commission

Governor Nathan Deal announced Chuck Williams as the director of the Georgia Forestry Commission.


Search Launched for "Great American Tree"

The American Grove has launched its annual competition for the extraordinary tree that will represent the nation’s canopy as 2017's "Great American Tree."


Public Help Needed to Find Arsonist

GFC is asking for assistance from the public to help solve a series of arson fires in Clinch and Echols counties.


North Georgia Burn Ban Boosts Air Quality

A ban on outdoor burning begins May 1 in 54 Georgia counties, primarily in the northern half of the state.


Healthy Gains Sustained in Georgia's Forest Industry

Two recent reports reflect the strength of Georgia's forest industry at home and abroad. According to a report from the Georgia Institute of Technology's Enterprise Innovation Institute, the industry's output, employment, and compensation all had robust growth between 2014 and 2015.


Celebrate Trees This Week in Georgia - #GAArborday

Several events that celebrate the many benefits of trees are being held across the state this week, in observance of Georgia's Arbor Day.


Georgia's Drought Ushers in Beetle Outbreak

Georgia's ongoing drought has led to an unprecedented outbreak of destructive beetles that are killing pine trees. Aerial surveys by the Georgia Forestry Commission show active infestations of Ips engraver beetles in timber stands, primarily in north and central Georgia.


Prescribed Fire Week Marks Importance of "Good Fire"

Governor Nathan Deal has signed a proclamation naming February 5-11, 2016, "Prescribed Fire Awareness Week," which highlights an important land management tool that can lessen wildfire intensity.


Governor's Order Hastens Tornado-Damaged Timber Removal

Salvage operations have begun on an estimated 27,000 acres of forestland in southeast Georgia, where recent tornadoes resulted in 16 fatalities and extensive property damage. To facilitate operations, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has issued an executive order to temporarily lift specific restrictions on logging trucks using state maintained roadways.


Floyd/Polk County Fires NOT Intentionally Set

The cause of fires that have burned at least 50 acres in Floyd and Polk Counties this week has been determined. An investigation conducted by the Georgia Forestry Commission shows a malfunctioning exhaust system on an automobile's catalytic converter sparked the initial blazes on Tuesday, October 25.


Search Launched for the Great American Tree

Fall is the perfect time to appreciate trees, and The American Grove website has launched a competition to find 2016's "Great American Tree."


GFC Issues Outdoor Burning Guidance in Wake of Hurricane Matthew

GFC has evaluated the local conditions affected by Hurricane Matthew and has determined that burning may resume in some locations beginning October 13, 2016, but only for some types of burning.


Drought May Affect Georgia's Burning Season

The summer ban on outdoor burning will end Friday, September 30 in 54 Georgia counties, primarily in the northern half of the state. This fall and winter, the burn permitting process may be impacted by GA's deepening drought.


Emerald Ash Borer Spreading in Georgia

The invasive insect responsible for the death or decline of hundreds of millions of ash trees in 27 states is on the move in Georgia.


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The Georgia Forestry Commission (GFC) is a dynamic state agency responsible for providing leadership, service and education in the protection and conservation of Georgia's forest resources. Our headquarters is located in Dry Branch, Georgia. District and county offices are located throughout the state. Commission professionals provide a wide variety of services including fire detection, issuing burn permits, wildfire suppression and prevention services, emergency and incident command system expertise, rural fire department assistance, forest management assistance to landowners and communities, the marketing and utilization of forest resources and nature services, and growing and selling quality tree seedlings for planting.

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Selling Your Timber
Thinking of selling some or all of your timber? Take a few minutes to educate yourself before you start the process.
Timber Impact Assessment for the West Mims Wildfire
GFC conducted a timber impact assessment on private and industrial lands affected by the West Mims wildfire to determine fire severity and predict survival of damaged stands.
Coastal Georgia's Green Infrastructure and Stormwater Management (video)
Discover the damaging effects of stormwater runoff and how you can help protect, preserve and restore Coastal Georgia's water qualit and natural resources.
UPDATE: 2016 Ips Engraver Beetle Outbreak
Ips engraver beetles continue to heavily infest drought-stressed trees in northern and central Georgia.
Timber Impact Assessment for Talbot County Storm Damage, April 27, 2017
Severe weather on April 27, 2017, caused widespread damage in Talbot County.
Emerald Ash Borer Regional Quarantine Announced
With the discovery of EAB in several new counties, GFC and the GA Department of Agriculture have implemented a regional quarantine for ash wood products.
2015 Economic Impact of Forestry Report Released
The 2015 Economic Impact of Forestry report was released November 22, 2016 and may be downloaded HERE.
Notice of Timber Harvesting Activity
The updated Notice of Timber Harvesting Activity Form is effective July 1, 2015 and may be downloaded HERE.
New Law Strengthens Timber Sale Regulations (click for details)
A new law strengthening timber sale regulations and increasing protection for forest landowners went into effect on July 1st. House Bill 790 brings change to many parts of the timber sale process and the authority of GFC law enforcement officers to enforce all laws relating to the protection, security, conservation or sale of timber transactions.

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