GFC is here to serve in the aftermath of all natural disasters, such as tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, wildfires from lightning strikes, etc. Drought, low humidity and high winds can also increase wildfire risks.

Wildfire & Disaster

In addition to the risk of loss of property and human life, the destruction of timber can be an expensive loss. The National Fire Protection Association offers a number of helpful tips to properly prepare.

Georgia records some 3,500 wildfires annually. There is a higher risk of wildfire in the wildland urban interface (WUI), where homes are built in wooded settings near forests and remote land. Wildfires can spread quickly and change direction rapidly, igniting brush, trees and homes.

There are actions landowners and homeowners in the WUI can take to help safeguard their property from fire, including:

  • choice of building materials
  • landscaping designs
  • remove hazardous fuels from the forest floor and around structures
  • conduct controlled prescribed burns

In the event of forest damage resulting from natural disasters, contact a forestry professional. They can assess an individual site and make a plan for salvage or reforestation.

Tracking Georgia Wildfire Activity

GFC’s Georgia Wildfire Public Viewer provides an interactive map that pinpoints wildfire activity throughout the state. This tool is directly linked to GFC’s wildfire computer-aided dispatch system and software called FiResponse. It offers current information about Georgia’s reported and active wildfires. Details include:

  • fire location
  • whether a fire is active, contained or controlled
  • when suppression is complete

If GFC is responding to an incident, the system syncs automatically. Wildfire incidents that are closed are not shown. Please Note: smartphone applications are not yet supported, but are planned.

For successful connectivity, ensure that Java Script is installed and that only supported browsers such as Google Chrome are used. Frequent “refreshing” of the site keeps the real-time data current. Slow internet speeds may hamper proper functioning.

Open the Georgia Wildfire Public Viewer

Helpful Resources

The following listings are intended to provide forest landowners with resources that can help with education and decisions following fires and the damage they leave behind.

TitleDescriptionDocument Type
Area Fire Weather Forecast

Daily forecasts with NFDRS Ratings and State-wide Fire Danger Ratings

Page on GFC Website
County Extension Offices

Connecting with your Extension County Office can keep you up to date with events, programs, and services just for you.

External Website
Current Fire Danger Rating

Daily updated information on current fire dangers across the state

Page on GFC Website
Fire Weather Forecast

Current Fire Weather Forecasts and current National Fire Danger Ratings by GFC Areas

External Website
GEMA County Locations

In addition to county offices, the state is parceled into eight different regions for GEMA and Homeland Security response.

External Website
Georgia Emergency Management (GEMA)

The state’s preparedness, response and recovery agency works with public and private sector organizations to prevent and respond to natural and man-made emergencies.

External Website
Wildfire Damage Assessment – West Mims Fire (2017)

As of May 31, 2017 the West Mims Fire had consumed 145,315 acres (113,170 acres of federally owned land and 32,145 acres on private and industrial property).