GFC investigators have full arrest and enforcement authority in the state of Georgia. They are certified by the Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Council and are are specially trained to conduct investigations of wildland fires and other forestry-related crimes.

GFC investigators are specially trained to conduct investigations of forestry-related crimes.

Timber security laws have been amended and updated over time, and in 2014, GFC investigators were authorized by House Bill 790 to enforce any law relating to the protection, security, conservation, or sale of forest/timber resources. GFC receives and evaluates complaints concerning timber transactions. Investigators are assigned to complaints, and every complaint is investigated. The priority will always be to protect our landowners and their forest resources by ensuring that credible timber harvest operations occur.

Arson is the third leading cause of wildfires in Georgia.

Over the last five years, GFC rangers have responded, on average, to 259 arson fires per year which burn more than 3,148 acres. To combat arson and enforce Georgia’s forestry burn permit laws, GFC employs law enforcement investigators. They have extensive, specialized training in law enforcement and fire investigation.

The Law Enforcement Department is headquartered at GFC’s central office in Dry Branch, Georgia.

Among the duties of our investigators:

  • investigate timber harvest complaints
  • investigate wildland fires and suspected cases of arson
  • investigate crimes involving GFC property
  • investigate other forestry-related crimes

See Something, Say Something

To report criminal forestry activity, timber theft or arson fires, contact GFC investigators:

Timber Hotline
1-(800) GA-TREES (428-7337)


Helpful Resources

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Georgia Forestry Laws

GFC is not liable for the distribution of out-of-date material. This document is not legal advice and cannot replace legal advice. Current Georgia Statutes are maintained by the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office, and can be accessed through their website.

Georgia Prescribed Burn Laws

Prescribed Burn Laws from the Official Code of Georgia, Section 12-6-90 and Sections 12-6-145 through 12-6-149

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House Bill 790

2014 bill authorizing GFC Forestry Investigators to enforce laws related to the protection, security, conservation, and sale of forest resources.

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