We provide leadership, service and education to protect and conserve Georgia’s forest resources.

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GFC Centennial

Long, long before there were people dedicated to the sustainability of the resource, there were trees. Millions upon millions of acres, stretching beyond the horizon in every cardinal direction. Learn More

Georgia’s Burn Notification System Changes

As of July 1, 2021, changes go into effect regarding the legal responsibilities of Georgia landowners burning outdoor yard debris. Learn More

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Seedling deliveries begin the first week in December, but there's still time to get your order in! Hardwoods are in limited supply and genetically improved loblolly and slash are moving fast.

Ordering online is easy and buyers can receive orders at their local GFC office or pick them up at GFC's Flint River Nursery in Byromville. Orders may also be placed by mail to: GFC Seedlings, P.O. Box 100269, Atlanta, GA 30384-0269, and please call Shawn Akins, Macon office, at 478-751-3520 to confirm the order amount or to place an order. Learn More

Homeowner Help for managing Tornado / Storm Damaged trees

Homeowners managing storm-damaged trees are confronted with many difficult decisions regarding the pruning, removal, and overall management of their trees. This portal was designed to provide information to help residents with the decision-making process. Learn More