More and more businesses and consumers want to “buy local” in support of sustainability, quality and integrity. Georgia Grown is a statewide program that promotes and creates awareness about products grown in Georgia. The Georgia Grown seal is easily recognizable and helps consumers “choose local.”

GFC is a Georgia Grown partner. This marketing and economic development program was developed in 2011 by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. The No. 1 goal of Georgia Grown is to aid agricultural economies by bringing together producers, processors, suppliers, distributors, retailers, agritourism and consumers in one powerful, statewide community.

Georgia Grown is also a brand with deep roots in sustainability, quality and integrity. The Georgia Grown brand is desired by business and consumers who want to buy and promote Georgia’s locally grown products.

Join Georgia’s powerful agribusiness community.

Becoming a Georgia Grown member links your business to a powerful, statewide community that includes producers, processors, distributors and consumers. Buying Georgia Grown forest products supports the state’s economy, encourages local jobs and keeps money circulating throughout the state.

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