Landowners have diverse goals for their forested land. Some dream of creating thriving wildlife habitats. Others want to sell timber or use their land for recreation. Whatever your goals are, a forest management plan will help you keep your forested land productive, healthy and sustainable.

There are many reasons why it is helpful to have a forest management plan for your property.

Primarily, a forest management plan helps you:

  1. Understand and organize the resources on your property.
  2. Consider what you might do on your property to improve its condition.
  3. Save time and money, and avoid costly mistakes that may not be correctable.
  4. Organize your business records and keep track of activities on your property.
  5. Communicate with others who use the property or who may be caring for it in the future.

Creating a forest management plan is free, and GFC can help.

GFC’s 40+ field foresters help landowners develop custom management plans at no charge. Our foresters:

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