The five-year plan is a guidance document for the Urban & Community Forestry program of the GFC and the GTC. The plan is developed by a diverse group of industry leaders in Georgia. The US Forest Service helps support the development of this plan.

The purpose of the Five-Year Plan for Georgia’s Urban and Community Forests is to:

  • provide strategic direction for urban and community forest programs
  • coordinate statewide efforts to value, conserve, manage and enhance Georgia’s community forests.
  • The plan guides the strategic direction of the Georgia Forestry Commission Sustainable Community Forestry Program and Georgia Urban Forest Council


Citizens, policy-makers and managers — empowered with the knowledge about the services provided by urban forests and ways they improve our quality of life — actively and collaboratively are participating in creating resilient urban ecosystems for all of Georgia’s communities.

Goals of the Five Year Plan

STRATEGIC GOAL 1: Promote tree canopy and longevity at the landscape scale through the green infrastructure approach.

STRATEGIC GOAL 2: Increase active participation of local communities to advocate for community forests through education and tree plantings.

STRATEGIC GOAL 3: Promote the development and enforcement of local tree ordinances.

STRATEGIC GOAL 4: Promote sustainable community forestry by training professionals to implement best management practices.

Thanks to These Leaders Responsible for Crafting the Five-Year Plan

Federal, state and local partnerships will make our Five-Year Plan objectives and actions possible. The following representatives helped write the plan:

  • U.S. Forest Service
  • Georgia Urban Forest Council
  • Georgia Power
  • City of Athens
  • Agnes Scott College
  • EPA Green Infrastructure and Water Protection
  • City of Alpharetta
  • City of Valdosta
  • Georgia Forestry Commission
  • Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Resiliency
  • Keep Rome-Floyd Beautiful
  • City of Atlanta Arborist Division
  • City of Milton
  • City of Macon
  • Thoms Trees and Plants
  • The University of Georgia
  • Georgia Arborist Association