Flooding Tips

  • Recent flooding in our area is creating serious tree hazards. Saturated ground and rising waters have loosened soil around tree root systems, which may cause trees to lean or fall.
  • The Georgia Forestry Commission warns you should never attempt to right a leaning tree.
  • Warning signs of flood damage in trees include curling and wilting of leaves, followed by "chlorosis," or pale-colored leaves, which is generally followed by leaf browning and ultimately, leaf loss.
  • Excessive water can impact a tree's overall health. The accumulation of organic toxins in the soil and the reduced flow of oxygen to the roots can cause the tree to suffer.
  • Certified Arborists can remedy hazardous tree situations and provide advice on proper species placement and maintenance.
  • Beware of drive-by tree services and always make sure the contractor is insured and is a certified arborist.