Fabrication Shop

Fabrication Shop - Picture 1

The Georgia Forestry Commission's (GFC) Forest Fire Protection Department operates a welding and fabrication shop with primary responsibility for the manufacture, repair, and construction of custom equipment specific to fire control and the Rural Fire Defense Program. The Fabrication Shop also meets the demands of emergency equipment repair for GFC county units, services equipment needs at the GFC tree nursery, and fills requests from other state agencies.

Some of the primary equipment fabricated by shop personnel includes:

  • a variety of fire plows
  • a variety of firebreak harrows
  • brush guards for safety on GFC tractor crawler plows
  • several types of V-shaped tractor blades
  • truck beds for GFC transports
  • hydraulic systems for transports and trailers
  • specialized water transport tanks for rural fire defense equipment

The Fabrication Shop is an essential component to the wildfire suppression and prevention responsibilities of the Georgia Forestry Commission.