What's New and What's News

Dedicated to recent developments and achievements in the longleaf world, you can find upcoming field days, recent research and project accomplishments updated here. Been burning, planting or planning some timber stand improvement? We want to know about it! Get your (or maybe someone else's) accomplishments highlighted here.

State Lands

  • Dixon Memorial Forest - Recently had 80 acres of longleaf planted underneath seed tree cut performed three years ago. After three years, there was insufficient natural regeneration for a satisfactory stand. With the help of some additional seedlings, this future uneven-age stand is now off to a great start!
  • Broxton Rocks - This last winter, upwards of XX acres were replanted in longleaf, both in clear cuts and underneath a shelter wood cut. The conversion of these areas from loblolly to longleaf is especially exciting because of what it will add to the unique and rare quality of the Broxton Rocks area.

Federal Lands

Non-Profit Lands

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