Smokey Bear and Woodsy Owl Garden Club Poster Contest

Smokey Bear is highly recognized and internationally known as the symbol for wildfire prevention. The original Smokey Bear appeared in 1941. Smokey's message of personal responsibility, "Remember, Only You Can Prevent Wildfires" is one that children have heard for many years, encouraging personal responsibility for fire prevention. Smokey Bear teaches children and adults to be careful with camp-fires, barbecues, trash fires, cigarettes, and matches.

Woodsy Owl is a U.S. Forest Service icon for environmental education and natural resource conservation. Since 1971, Woodsy has been helping parents and teachers inspire children to observe, explore, and care for the environment. He challenges children to "Lend a Hand - Care for the Land." Woodsy Owl encourages children to join him by taking an active role in caring for the land through recycling, reusing, and reducing waste; planting and caring for trees; using resources wisely (such as not wasting water or electricity); not littering; and generally caring for the planet we live on.

1st through 5th grade students
For students to demonstrate their understanding of wildfire prevention and basic environmental conservation principles through original drawings of Smokey Bear or Woodsy Owl.
The Smokey Bear and Woodsy Owl Poster Contest in Georgia is administered by the Garden Club of Georgia. Contact a District Garden Club Chair or the State Chair for information.



* All entries will become property of the U.S. Forest Service. Posters will not be returned to contestants. The USDA Forest Service and the National Garden Clubs, Inc., may use the poster artwork for national educational materials and outreach.

About the Icons

Smokey Bear and Woodsy Owl are protected under Public Law 93-318.

16USC580p-4 & 18USC711