Georgia offers unparalleled wood resources, processing industries, market access and an extensive network of support services.

Our numbers speak for themselves.

  • One of the top exporters nationwide in 2019 for wood, wood fuel, and wood pellets
  • $36.3 billion – total impact of the forest industry on Georgia in 2018
  • $977 million in tax revenue generated
  • 55,089 forest industry jobs
  • 205 primary wood product manufacturing facilities in Georgia
  • 1100 secondary mills that further convert wood products into doors, furniture, paper products, and other goods
  • 7 straight years of positive job growth
  • One of the top exporters of wood pellets to the world

Georgia is home to:

  • more plantation acres, total timberland acreage and privately-owned timberland acreage than any other state in the US
  • is home to the largest hardwood sawmill in the US and the largest recycled paper mill in North America