From the thousand-acre pine forests in South Georgia to Atlanta’s Piedmont Park, Georgia’s trees work to provide us with:

  • clean air
  • clean water
  • carbon repositories
  • wildlife habitats
  • spaces for recreation
  • life-enhancing products

GFC provides education and tools to help landowners manage and protect their forests

Landowners have many reasons for owning forested land. Whether your goal is to create a protected wildlife habitat or to harvest timber, GFC provides tools to help you meet your goals.

Modern Forest Management Practices

Sustainable forests start with modern forest management practices. GFC educates landowners about these practices, which include:

  • prescribed burning
  • timber harvesting
  • reforestation
  • pest management and control

Forest Management Plans

GFC encourages landowners to obtain a Forest Management Plan from a professional forester. A Forest Stewardship Plan is a management plan that gives recommendations to enhance all resources on the property while focusing on the goals of the landowner. The plan will document the unique characteristics of your land, such as:

  • forest types and condition
  • soil types
  • topography
  • sensitive areas that need special care