Georgia averages over 2,300 wildfires annually with an average size of 7 acres per fire. GFC personnel are prepared to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Under Senate Bill 119, Georgia code section 12-6-90 was changed to eliminate the notification requirement to the GFC of one’s intention to burn hand-piled natural debris. The law supports Georgians’ right to burn on their property and outlines measures required of burners to ensure safety. Please click here to learn more.

What causes forest fires?
More than half of the wildfires in Georgia start because of careless debris burning. Also, certain weather conditions can increase the chance of fire. These include warm temperatures, wind, low humidity, and atmospheric instability.

Fighting and Preventing Forest Fires
Early detection is key to effective fire suppression. When a fire emergency occurs, GFC rangers have the equipment and training needed to fight even the toughest wildfires. Landowners can help too. By implementing a Forest Management Plan and subscribing to Best Management Practices, such as prescribed burning, thinning, and firebreak installation, landowners with forested land can reduce the risk of wildfire and minimize impacts if fires do occur.

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