Forests provide billions of dollars of nature’s benefits to people. They improve air and water quality. They shade our cities, give us places to play, provide raw materials for manufacturing, and serve as habitats for thousands of wildlife species.

Trees give oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide and trap lung-damaging dust, ash, pollen and smoke. They prevent soil erosion, provide shade and reduce temperatures in urban areas.

Around homes, trees increase property value and provide savings on utility bills. Trees also make economic sense in business districts by attracting shoppers to linger and shop longer. Forests provide billions of dollars worth of nature’s benefits to people.

Children and adults who live, study and work and amongst trees are generally healthier. Trees help reduce noise and glare. Forests provide a peaceful atmosphere and encourage social interaction and outdoor exercise. Planting trees leaves a legacy for future generations to enjoy.

In this section, learn about the benefits of trees and explore the celebrations, resources, programs, and recreational opportunities Georgia Forestry Commission provides.