High Fire Danger Impacts Outdoor Burning

…show reasonable fire prevention precautions were not taken. Though burning leaf piles and campfires are hallmarks of fall, Georgia’s current drought is impacting decisions to burn outdoors. The Georgia Forestry…

North Georgia Outdoor Burn Ban Ends September 30

…ground level ozone. While burning a pile of crispy fall leaves outdoors is a must for many this time of year, a burn permit from the Georgia Forestry Commission is…

Burn Permits and Notifications

…for more resources: Georgia Senate Bill 119 Code Section 12-6-90 “Take Five: How to Comply with Georgia’s New Outdoor Burning Laws “Take Five”: Overview Georgia’s Outdoor Burn Notification System Fact…

GA Outdoor Burn Notification System Changes Fact Sheet

Changes are being made to Georgia’s outdoor burn notification system. The law no longer requires a burner to inform the GFC online or by phone about their intention to burn leaf piles and yard debris. New legal safety requirements are now specified for this type of debris burning.

GA Outdoor Burn Notification System Frequently Asked Questions

GA code section 12-6-90 eliminates the need to notify the Georgia Forestry Commission when a person, firm,corporation or association intends to burn hand-piled vegetation/yard debris. Important fire prevention precautions for burners, however, were added.

GA Outdoor Burn Notification System FAQs (Spanish Version)

GA código sección 12-6-90 elimina la necesidad de notificar a la comisión forestal de Georgia cuando una persona, empresa, corporación o asociación tiene la intención de quemar vegetación apilada a mano/ escombros de patio. Sin embargo, se añadieron importantes precauciones de prevención de incendios para los quemadores.


…a burn permit? How do I get one? Some outdoor burning in Georgia require a permit from GFC. Click here to learn more. What about part time positions? Does GFC…


…on GFC Website Prescribed Burning Brochure Overview of best practices for preparing a prescribed burn plan Prescribed BurnPDF Prescribed Burning Management Assistance with prescribed burning, including firebreak installation, burn plan…

Prescribed Burn

A prescribed burn plan is important for a safe and successful prescribed burn. A written burn plan includes the prescription for the stand and outlines the objectives for the burn….

Georgia Burn Notification Law Changing

…to Comply with Georgia’s New Outdoor Burning Laws “Take Five”: Overview Georgia’s Outdoor Burn Notification System Fact Sheet Frequently Asked Questions # # # Georgia Forestry Commission Director Tim Lowrimore…