GFC Leaf Watch: November 5, 2020 (final leaf watch post)

Northwest GA (Ridge and Valley/Cumberland Plateau): Peak color has passed in a majority of NW GA, as last week’s high winds and heavy rains encouraged the loss of the remaining leaves with vivid colors. Currently, overlooks and ridges are predominately composed of dull greens, maroons, and browns with very little yellow or red. Many of … Continue Reading →

GFC Leaf Watch: October 30, 2020

Post-Zeta update from our resident leaf expert: “No doubt we lost a lot of the bright colors that had developed up to now. Mid level 2500-1500 or so still holding some color and occasionally you find some really good color. I think we took a step backwards by a week at least due to the … Continue Reading →

GFC Leaf Watch: October 23, 2020

Northwest GA (Ridge and Valley/Cumberland Plateau): The past week has been cool and sunny with little rain or wind, allowing many of the trees to progress with color change. Hickory and poplar are showing the most significant changes and are now providing bright and vivid yellows. Black gum and sourwood have continued to turn and … Continue Reading →

GFC Leaf Watch: October 16, 2020

Northwest GA (Ridge and Valley/Cumberland Plateau): Lots of rain over the past week has led to a slightly different look in the higher elevations. Many of the trees previously displaying the brightest reds and yellows have lost their leaves while other species are slowly beginning to shift from green to yellow and brown. Early turners … Continue Reading →

GFC Leaf Watch Report: October 9, 2020

Northeast Sunny days and cool nights are doing their work…  While tree canopies across most of the ridges and slopes in NE GA continue to be a sea of various shades of greens that are getting lighter, we are seeing more punctuations of color in the bright reds of maple and sourwood, and yellows and … Continue Reading →

GFC Leaf Watch Report: October 1, 2020

All signs are pointing to a great leaf season, and it has begun! NORTHEAST: Bright sunny days and cool nights spur on the change and the trusty sourwoods have started to turn red and burgundy, and dogwoods are showing muted reds. At higher elevations, a number of maples are already turning deep red. Along roadsides, … Continue Reading →

Fall Leaf Watch Kickoff

While 2020 has thrown us some curves, one constant we can depend on is a colorful autumn in north Georgia. Dropping temperatures and sunny days usher in a special time of gratitude, with an enhanced appreciation for Mother Nature and human connection – and who’s not feeling those emotions right now? The fall foliage season … Continue Reading →