Southern Pine Beetles

The Southern Pine Beetle (SPB), Dendroctonus frontalis, is not much bigger than an eye gnat (Figure 1). It attacks and kills all species of southern yellow pines in Georgia, including … Continue Reading →

Pine Bark Beetles

For more specific information on SPB, click here. Pine bark beetles are native to Georgia and can have devastating effects on pine trees. Pine bark beetles found throughout Georgia include … Continue Reading →

Asian Longhorned Beetle

In early June 2020, a homeowner near the town of Hollywood, SC, close to the coast, found an odd-looking beetle, which was sent to Clemson University’s Department of Plant Industry … Continue Reading →

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)

Updated September 26, 2023 The emerald ash borer (EAB) is an exotic insect that belongs to a group of metallic wood-boring beetles. Unlike our native beetles that kill weakened trees … Continue Reading →

Sirex Woodwasp in Georgia

A non-native woodwasp, Sirex noctilio, was detected in New York (NY) in 2005 and likely entered a port via solid wood packing material in cargo. This insect is native to … Continue Reading →

Pine Bark Beetles in Georgia

Pine bark beetles are insects that normally attack stressed and dying pine trees, and usually do not infest trees that are otherwise healthy and vigorous. They are attracted to the … Continue Reading →