Signup Period

The application period will begin on September 19, 2022, and conclude on October 7, 2022.  Please check back in September 2023 for next application period.

Approved Applicants

Shortly after the signup period ends, applicants are notified of their approval status by email. In the email, approved landowners will receive the total amount of funds obligated to their application, their local forester’s contract information, and required documents for payment (seedling invoice, planting invoice, map). Once tree planting is complete, the landowner submits the necessary invoices and the tree planting map to the local GFC forester. A GFC forester visits the site following tree planting to conduct a tree planting performance inspection. If applicable, the landowner receives data collected during the inspection and needed forest management recommendations.

General Guidelines

  • Tree species selected should be site appropriate.
  • Planting area must be a minimum of 10 acres.
  • Payment is limited to $10,000 per landowner.
  • Funds go towards cost share program participants, but priority is given to those without cost share.
  • Recipients must plant the trees during the 2022-2023 tree-planting season.