County Farm Service Agency (FSA) committees determine land eligibility using on-site damage inspections that assess the type and extent of damage. To be eligible for EFRP, NIPF land must: Have existing tree cover (or had tree cover immediately before the natural disaster occurred and is suitable for growing trees); and, be owned by any nonindustrial private individual, group, association, corporation, or other private legal entity, that has definitive decision-making authority over the land. In addition, the natural disaster must have resulted in damage that if untreated would: impair or endanger the natural resources on the land; and, materially affect future use of the land.

Forestry Practices Covered
Practices necessary to restore forests either through natural or artificial regeneration. This would include mechanical clearing, herbicide applications, seedlings, planting, etc.

Pay Rate
Participants may receive financial assistance of up to 75% of the cost to implement approved emergency forest restoration practices.

Application Process