Program Overview:

Huber Engineered Woods LLC has donated $25K to fund the purchase of pine seedlings to be planted within the following counties: Banks, Barrow, Clarke, Elbert, Franklin, Greene, Gwinnett, Habersham, Hall, Hart, Jackson, Lincoln, Lumpkin, Madison, Morgan, Oconee, Oglethorpe, Stephens, Taliaferro, Walton, White, and Wilkes. The funds will be used to purchase GFC seedlings, which will be given to qualified landowners.

Signup period:

The signup period ends on August 12, 2022. To apply, complete a Huber “Trees for Georgia” seedling application and return it to the local GFC Forester.

The application must be signed by the landowner. The list of applicants will be compiled and randomly selected if necessary. Final approvals will be announced by September 2, 2022.

Approved applicants:

A forester will visit the sites of all approved applicants and develop a tree planting plan for the acreage involved. The plan will quantify the acreage and address site preparation and planting specifications. The applicant must agree to follow the plan to receive seedlings. Approved seedling applications will be submitted to the GFC nursery, and seedlings will be delivered as directed on the form.

A GFC Forester will visit the site after planting to ensure the reforestation plan is followed. If the plan was not followed or the designated area was not planted, the landowner will be required to pay for the portion of trees not properly utilized.

General guidelines:

  • The planting area must be a minimum of 10 acres up to a maximum of 50 acres.
  • The pine species selected should match the site.
  • Must have a reforestation plan written by a registered forester or a graduate forester working under a registered forester, and the plan must be followed.
  • Can go towards cost share program participants but will receive lower priority.
  • The site must be ready for planting during the 2022-2023 planting season.