Private non-industrial landowners, which means any private individual, group, association, corporation, Indian tribe or other native groups, other private legal entity, and lands owned by local governments (cities, counties, Board of Education, etc.), excluding corporations whose stocks are publicly traded or legal entities principally engaged in the processing or manufacturing of wood products. There is a minimum practice size of 3 acres, and the landowner must own a minimum of 10 acres of forest land.

Forestry Practices Covered
Includes the use of herbicides or a combination of mechanical and herbicide treatments to eradicate nonnative, invasive plants. This program targets certain invasive plant species listed as a top concern in Georgia. The current list of species for this program is privet sp., Japanese climbing fern, Chinese tallowtree, chinaberry, callery pear and non-native olive sp.

Pay Rate
Participants receive a rate of $60 per acre for areas treated according to program specifications. There is a maximum of $4,500 per landowner (75 acres max, minimum of 3 acres).

Contract Length
Practices must be completed by April 1, 2024.

Application Process
This program is administered by the Georgia Forestry Commission (GFC) with US Forest Service funds. Additional information can be provided by your local GFC forester.