Program Overview

The Shortleaf Pine & Oak Restoration in the Georgia Cumberlands Cost Share Project is intended to help promote shortleaf pine and shortleaf pine/oak ecosystems.

Signup Period

The grant is titled “Shortleaf Pine & Oak Restoration in the Georgia Cumberlands” and we are receiving money to help promote shortleaf pine and shortleaf pine & oak ecosystems. Around $89,000 will go towards cost share including reforestation, burning, herbicide work, and thinning. The goal is to promote more shortleaf pine in north Georgia, specifically Chattooga, Catoosa, Dade, Murray, Gordon, Whitfield, and Walker Counties. 

The cost share available is shortleaf pine focused with money for reforestation, burning, herbicide applications, and thinning (both pre-commercial and commercial). The rates are $150/acre for reforestation, $15/acre for burning, $40/acre for herbicide work, $25/acre for commercial thinning, and $125/acre for pre-commercial thinning. We will start taking applications immediately on this program and all applications should be emailed to Blake Lovell at The application deadline is not set for any date yet. This program will run through April of 2023.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicant must be the legal landowner;
  • Applicant must be private, non-industrial landowner owning the property in one of the eligible NW GA counties;
  • Priority will be given to landowners not enrolled in other cost share programs.

General Guidelines