Landowners, leaseholders, hunting clubs, wildlife organizations, government entities, and others committed to managing right-of-ways for wildlife are eligible. Eligible right-of-ways include: Georgia Power, Georgia Transmission, MEAG Power, Savannah Electric, and AGL Resources.

Forestry Practices Covered
Chemical control of exotic plants, planting of annual or perennial plants and encouraging native vegetation through disking or mowing are most common practices.

Pay Rate
Provides cash grants of up to $1,500 over three years, along with planning assistance in managing electrical or gas transmission right-of-ways for wildlife. Payment is $50 per acre per year on up to 10 acres per grant. The maximum total payment for the three-year contract cannot exceed $1,500.

Contract Length
3 years

Application Process
Applications are accepted by Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) offices from May 15 through July 15 of each year.