Soil injectors and soil drench kits are available from Georgia Forestry Commission and UGA Extension Offices to aid those interested in treating their own trees. These are loaned out free of charge but a $250 deposit is required for the injector and a $50 deposit is required for the soil drench kit. The deposit will be refunded when the injector or drench kit is returned in suitable condition. These will be loaned out for a maximum of one week per user. If no one is waiting to use them, it can be arranged for the user to keep it longer.

To schedule the use of a soil injector or soil drench kit contact one of the following offices:

Soil Injector Kit Locations

  • Dade County GFC Office: 706-657-4211
  • Dawson County GFC Office: 706-216-2713
  • Fannin County GFC Office: 706-374-6232
  • Gilmer County GFC Office: 706-635-2363
  • Habersham County GFC Office: 706-754-2354
  • Lumpkin County GFC Office: 706-867-2898
  • Murray County GFC Office: 706-695-3422
  • Pickens County GFC Office: 706-692-4801
  • Rabun County UGA Extension Office: 706-782-3113
  • Union County GFC Office: 706-781-2398
  • Walker County GFC Office: 706-638-5556

Soil Drench Kit Locations

  • Dade County Extension Office: 706-657-4116
  • Fannin County Extension Office: 706-632-3061
  • Gilmer County Extension Office: 706-632-3061
  • Rabun County Extension Office: 706-782-3113
  • Towns County Extension Office: 706-896-2024
  • Union County Extension Office: 706-439-6030
  • Walker County Extension Office: 706-638-2548
  • GFC Rome Area Office: 912-515-5180