A group of employees from the Georgia Forestry Commission has been recognized by state legislators for their outstanding leadership, service, and education in the protection and conservation of Georgia’s forest resources. Members of the Georgia House of Representatives and Senate congratulated the group recently at the state capitol, where a resolution was passed praising the GFC North and South Units of the Year for executing the agency’s mission with distinction.

“The Georgia Forestry Commission annually honors employees in northern and southern regions of the state for consistently going the extra mile to serve the people of Georgia,” said Georgia Forestry Commission Director Chuck Williams. “Two awards are presented, and it’s a real honor for the team to be congratulated by our elected leaders.”

The GFC’s Oglethorpe County Forestry Unit was awarded the 2018 North Georgia Unit of the Year. The team was recognized for its accomplishments in the areas of forest management, wildfire prevention and suppression, reforestation, community outreach and education, and construction and building remodeling. Of special note was the unit’s dedication to teamwork and taking on extra responsibilities over the course of many years despite limited personnel resources.

For the first time in 2018, a tie was declared in the category of South Unit of the Year. The Worth County Unit and the Decatur-Seminole County Unit share the honor for their numerous outstanding accomplishments. In addition to being recognized for fulfilling GFC’s mission of leadership, service, and education in the protection and conservation of Georgia’s forest resources, the teams were commended for their willingness to assist in storm recovery efforts and the pride they possess in their jobs.

“Georgia Forestry Commission employees across the state share a deep dedication to service,” said Williams. “We take great pride in leading the protection of our forest resources for the needs of Georgians today and Georgians tomorrow.”