DECEMBER 1, 2020

Georgia’s tree planting season is well underway, along with brisk seedling sales by the Georgia Forestry Commission. Buyers have been busy choosing popular hardwood and pine selections, and supplies are beginning to diminish. Genetically improved loblolly and slash pine seedlings remain in stock and available to landowners at attractive price points.

“Georgia’s climate is ideal for tree planting right now,” said Georgia Forestry Commission Reforestation Chief Jeff Fields. “The soil is moist, temperatures are just right for healthy growth, and we still have seedlings available for every region of the state.” Seedling planting should take place “the sooner the better,” according to Fields, and be in the ground by March 1.

The GFC is a member of two tree improvement cooperatives, which insures the best genetic material for slash and loblolly is available to landowners. These seedling qualities include straightness, fast growth rate and fusiform rust-resistance.

“The fast-growing advanced cycle loblolly, ‘Georgia Giants,’ have been very popular again this year,” Fields said, “along with the ‘Elite Straight Loblolly.’” The GFC also offers the most advanced open pollinated slash pine selections available.

An up to date inventory of all seedlings can be found at, and a catalog with prices is posted at Buyers may also contact the GFC nursery directly, at 478-508-0056, or their local GFC office.

For more information about seedlings and services of the Georgia Forestry Commission, visit