FEBRUARY 12, 2019

Citizens across the state are observing Georgia’s Arbor Day this month to celebrate the many benefits of trees. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp acknowledged the occasion by signing a proclamation and meeting with forestry representatives at the state capitol this week.

“Georgia’s Arbor Day is officially the third Friday in February, which is in the middle of our planting season,” said Chuck Williams, Director of the Georgia Forestry Commission. “Whether you’re adding trees to your yard, a city park, or any other landscape, you’re doing something important for the environment. Trees are a renewable resource that link us all,” Williams said.

Georgia has earned the distinction of being the #1 state for forestry in the nation. Georgia boasts 24.8 million acres of forestland, with 90 percent of it privately owned. The forest industry has a $35.2 billion impact on Georgia’s economy, with the urban forestry sector adding another $4 billion. Forests in Georgia provide an estimated $37 billion in ecosystem services, including clean air, clean water, and wildlife habitat.

The statewide Arbor Day event, co-hosted by the Georgia Forestry Commission and Trees Georgia, was held Thursday, February 7. New and renewing members of the Tree City, Tree Line and Tree Campus USA programs were recognized at the event.

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