JUNE 2, 2020

The deadline is fast approaching for approved landowners impacted by Hurricane Michael to complete their state funded cleanup work and to submit documentation for reimbursement. The Forest Debris Management Program (FDMP) made $20 million in cleanup funds available through contract work facilitated by the Georgia Forestry Commission and the Georgia Development Authority.

“The deadline is June 30 for anyone with an FDMP contract to complete their authorized work,” said Georgia Forestry Commission Director Chuck Williams. “We expect a last-minute rush of completions and are giving participants until July 31 to submit the required paperwork.”

Williams said that to date, just over half the approved FDMP contracts have been completed, field check-certified and approved for payment. Each approved applicant for the FDMP program received an approval letter and performance form by mail. All required paperwork should be returned to the GFC forester listed in the upper right hand of the form. Go to to see a copy of the performance form and a list of the required documentation.

In October 2018, Hurricane Michael impacted approximately 7,000 Georgia forest landowners, most in the southwest corner of the state. More than two million acres of forestland were damaged, which had an estimated timber value of $763 million. State and federal programs made funding available to help landowners with recovery efforts designed to protect forest health, reduce wildfire risk and increase timber and orchard production.