MARCH 8, 2021

The Georgia Forestry Commission is marking an important milestone – its 100th year of service to Georgia. Forests make up 24 million acres, or 75 percent, of the State of Georgia, and the Georgia General Assembly recently passed a resolution recognizing the agency for its centennial and its role in sustaining this important natural resource.

“Healthy forests provide so many benefits to us all,” said Georgia Forestry Commission Director Tim Lowrimore. “On our 100th anniversary, our agency is proud to support the landowners and citizens who care deeply about trees and the many benefits they provide.”

Georgia is known as the #1 forestry state in the nation for the value and variety of products produced here and the jobs created by the forest industry. From clean air, clean water and abundant products to wildlife habitat, recreation and natural beauty, Georgia forests also contribute indispensable nature services to the state.

The Georgia Forestry Commission (GFC) was established in 1921, when the State Board of Forestry was created to protect Georgia’s forest resources. The 2021 resolution lauds GFC for working “diligently toward its mission to provide leadership, service and education to protect and conserve Georgia’s forest resources,” and its vision for “healthy and abundant forests that support a robust industry while providing social, environmental and financial benefits to all of Georgia.”

Throughout 2021, highlights of the GFC’s history, its achievements and its people will be showcased through the agency’s social media channels. Learn more about the Georgia Forestry Commission, its services and its centennial at