* Georgia law no longer requires notification to the Georgia Forestry Commission by people planning to burn yard debris. Charges may apply if wildfire results from escaped burning and evidence show reasonable fire prevention precautions were not taken.

The Georgia Forestry Commission has launched an online tool that pinpoints wildfire activity throughout the state. By visiting the agency’s website at GaTrees.org, users can access the Wildfire Public Viewer, which provides an interactive map showing wildfire locations and details about response activities.

“The Wildfire Public Viewer gives Georgians fast access to updates from agency crews about wildfire incidents we’re responding to,” said Georgia Forestry Commission Chief of Protection Frank Sorrells. “The information includes the most important details about a wildfire in progress and the facts can be accessed from a computer or smart phone.”

Sorrells explained that the Wildfire Public Viewer is directly linked to the Georgia Forestry Commission’s (GFC) wildfire computer-aided dispatch system and software called FiResponse. If the GFC is responding to an incident, the system syncs automatically and a variety of information can be accessed. Viewers will be able to see the fire location, whether the fire is active, contained or controlled, and when suppression is complete. Frequent “refreshing” of the site keeps the real-time data current.

“This is a real step forward for the safety and protection of Georgians and our forest resources,” said Georgia Forestry Commission Director Chuck Williams. “Our agency is using the latest technology and highly trained personnel to respond to reports of wildfire.

Now the public has access to that same information, which translates to greater security for us all.”

To try this new service, click https://georgiafc.firesponse.com/public. For successful connectivity, ensure that Java Script is installed and that only supported browsers such as Google Chrome are used. Slow internet speeds may hamper proper functioning.