APRIL 26, 2021

The Georgia Forestry Commission has named the State Lands Timber Sales group its 2020 Forest Management Team of the Year. Timber Sales is one of 12 GFC teams that guides forest landowners in the growth, health and conservation of Georgia’s valuable forest resources.

“Each division in this agency is composed of skilled and dedicated forestry professionals,” said Georgia Forestry Commission Director Tim Lowrimore. “The State Lands team has widened its reach tremendously over the past few years. It serves an extensive and diverse group of partners who have a great impact on Georgia’s vast expanse of forestland.”

The GFC State Lands Timber Sales team began as a small group of foresters and technicians who primarily worked on Georgia Forestry Commission and Georgia Department of Natural Resources managed lands. It has expanded to an elite group of resource professionals who serve more than 10 agencies, universities and other state entities with their timber inventory, sales and active management. Those management activities include essential forestry practices such as prescribed fire, invasive species control, timber thinning and harvesting. In addition, the Commission is now able to assist its federal partners in the same manner, through the development of a Good Neighbor Authority agreement, a ground breaking initiative with the US Forest Service (USFS). The effort has culminated in nomination of the GFC for the coveted Regional Foresters Award through the USFS.

“All of our service teams deserve recognition,” said Georgia Forest Management Chief Scott Griffin. “Forest Health, Sustainable Community Forestry, Water Quality, Forest Inventory & Analysis, Forest Stewardship, Utilization & Marketing, and five regional teams. Each of our employees provide a public service that keeps Georgia’s forests healthy and sustainable for future generations to enjoy.”

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