Educator Resources

…wildlife resources, including game and nongame animals, fish and protected plants. External Website Hazards of the Forest Foresters and others who work outside and those who enjoy being in the…

A Note from GFC’s New Deputy Director

GFC Family and Friends, It is truly my pleasure to be serving you as Deputy Director as we promote forestry and protect Georgia’s natural resources, both through a stewardship ethic…

Rural Fire Defense Program

GFC has operated a Rural Fire Defense (RFD) Lease Program since 1975. The program enables volunteer fire departments to respond more effectively to structural, forest, and grass fires. It also…

Fine Fuel Moisture Table

A close estimate of the fine dead fuel moisture (FDFM) on your burn unit any time a FDFM reading is desired

Timber Buyers Directory

…Steve Duda Title: Calhoun, GA 30701 Phone 1: Phone 2: Fax: Ricky Boring Logging Ricky Boring Title: Owner Ellijay, GA 30540 Phone 1: 706-889-7700 Phone 2: Fax: Roberts Timber Co….

1999 – 2009 Georgia Trout Stream BMP’s Interpretation addendum

Georgia’s forestry BMP manual (revised in 1999 and 2009) recommends a 100 foot wide Streamside Management Zone, measured from the stream bank horizontally outward away from the stream; to be implemented on all Georgia designated primary or secondary trout streams – and tributaries (p. 11 Georgia’s BMPs for Forestry manual).

High-flying Tools for Fire – and More!

…on several wildfires by mapping fire perimeters and locating hot spots. Our Forest Management department has used them to create georeferenced aerial maps, locating pine beetle spots, poachers, and more….

Forestry Services Contractors Directory

…P O BOX 145, Rentz,GA Greg Cody Office Phone:478-984-4799 Mobile Phone: Fax: 478- 984-4799 RxBurner? No Pesticide Applicator? No Statewide Herbaceous Aerial Spray Woody Aerial Spray Henry, Ricky G. 16…