Tree Seedlings

…Planting Guidelines Overview guidelines for successfully planting and caring for seedlings. PDF Seedling Delivery Schedule View schedule for seedling delivery. PDF Seedling Order Form 2021 Form to order tree seedlings….


…Higher Education® and Tree Line USA Map View interactive map for Tree City USA, Tree Campus Higher Education® & Tree Line USA. Celebrate TreesExternal Website Georgia Tree Council Tree advocacy…

Ordering Tree Seedlings

GFC offers a wide variety of pine and hardwood seedlings. We cater to small, private, non-industrial landowners and we serve thousands of customers in that capacity. Seedlings are available in small or large quantities and we offer varieties suitable for all environments in Georgia.

Georgia Arbor Day

…garden, citizen group, or developer supporting “tree-friendly” values. Schedule homeowner classes on tree pruning, tree selection, tree identification, and tree planting. Charge a small registration fee and use the money…

Ask The Arborist

…this guide to get tips on maintaining trees, selecting an arborist and a homeowner tree survey checklist. PDF How to Hire a Tree Service Helpful suggestions for finding a tree


…significant steps taken to protect Georgia’s environment. Find out more about Carbon Sequestration. Tree Seedlings Can I buy the most genetically advanced slash and loblolly pine seedlings from GFC? Yes….

Care For Your Community’s Trees

…Native Trees of Georgia Book Book showing illustrations of trees native to Georgia. PDF Savannah Tree Foundation Tree advocacy group. External Website Save Energy – Plant Trees! This video provides…

Tree Ordinances

tree ordinance will help provide a framework to create a tree ordinance. Helpful Resources TitleDescriptionDocument Type GA Tree Council – Tree Ordinance CentralExternal Website Glossary of Tree Ordinance Terms Guide…

Student Resources

Trees How to plant a containerized tree. Video Products From Trees Word Search Discover products made from trees. PDF Project Learning Tree – Activities for Families Nature is a great…