The calendar may say summer, but we’re already thinking about the cool winter planting season ahead! Georgia Forestry Commission seedling sales begin today, July 1, so it’s time to peruse our online catalog at and note your favorites. You’ll be glad to see that prices have not changed since last season. Don’t forget that popular species and packages can sell out early, however, so it’s wise to get a jump start now.

Once again, the Georgia Forestry Commission is offering genetically improved loblolly, slash and shortleaf pine seedlings. If you’re looking for super-fast growing loblollies, the Georgia Giants should be your choice. These seedlings have been rigorously tested and found to produce 71% more volume per acre. If you’re below the fall line and in the market for slash pine, you’ll want to choose the Super Select Premium Slash, which is not only a fast grower, but also has superior form and is disease resistant. Longleaf pine and Virginia pine are also offered.

All of these GFC seedlings are adapted to Georgia’s unique climate and soils. They’ve been cultured to provide fibrous root systems, large stem diameter and abundant energy reserves to ensure the best possible growth and survival.

The GFC offers numerous varieties of hardwood species, including several different types of oak, and many fruit-bearing trees. Trees favored for aesthetics, such as dogwood and crape myrtle, are also available. All are sold in packages of 10, 50, 250, 500 and up, with quantity discounts applied. In addition, the popular Pollinator Pack will be back this year. It contains 15 bee-friendly species, including five dogwoods, five red maples and five yellow poplars.

All GFC seedlings are sold bare-root and need to be planted when they are dormant, during the late fall and winter. You’ll find photos of mature trees, growing characteristics and prices in the online catalogue at

Deliveries for pines begin December 1 and run through February. Hardwood deliveries start January 1 and also run through February. Seedlings can be picked up at local GFC offices or at our Flint River Nursery.

While online orders are strongly encouraged for all seedlings this year, recent ransomware attacks have delayed the availability of online ordering. We expect our online store at to open on August 1. In the meantime, orders may be placed by calling 478-508-0056, or you can mail your order form to us at GFC Seedlings, P.O. Box 100269, Atlanta, GA 30384-0269. We’re excited about the inventory quality and are ready for a very busy sales season. Visit sooner than later!

6 thoughts on “GFC Seedling Sales Open!

    1. Hi Evelyn! Please contact our nursery directly at (478) 508-0056. Our online store isn’t fully functional just yet.

  1. How about offering American Chestnut seedlings? Prior to the blight 80-90% of the Appalachian Mountains were American Chestnut trees. There now exists strains that are 95 % American Chestnut and are blight resistant?

  2. How tall are the pine seedlings when they are shipped to the customer? Are the pollinator package trees any larger when they are delivered to the customer as it seems like they are a little more pricey compared to the pines?

    1. The pine seedlings will be 10-12 inches from the ground line when they are received by the customer. Yes, the seedlings in the pollinator packages are larger seedlings, and will average 3 feet tall!

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