Fall Wildfire Danger on the Increase Across North Georgia

North Georgia weather conditions may feel invigorating, but the Georgia Forestry Commission has issued a warning about the area’s increased risk of fire. A lack of rainfall, dropping leaves, wind, and sunshine reaching an already dry forest floor have led to a number of recent wildfires across the region.

Georgia Forestry Commission rangers have been responding to a growing number of fires that have been challenging to contain. With no rain in the current weather forecast, the risk posed by windy, dry conditions has the potential to reignite previous hot spots and cause dangerous new wildfires.

The Georgia Forestry Commission has a valuable online fire tracking tool that is available for public viewing at https://georgiafc.firesponse.com/public/. Please use this to see fire activity in your area, and contact your local Georgia Forestry Commission office with questions about permission to burn in your specific location. Most north Georgia counties are not issuing burn permits for agricultural or land clearing burns at this time.

As a reminder, state law prohibits outdoor burning when the fire danger or fire danger forecast is rated high – Class 4 or Class 5. Burners are always responsible for their fires and any damage that may result from them.

Georgia averages over 2,300 wildfires annually with an average size of seven acres per fire. GFC personnel are prepared to respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

For more information about wildfire safety and current conditions, visit GaTrees.org.

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